Manual for setting up Zapier to automatically get invoices from Recras in Moneybird. By: Harrie Kerssies. 13-08-2018.

Many Recras members have the need to automatically export invoices from Recras to their accounting software program. Recras does not make a direct connection with such packages, but Zapier can do this for you. This process is regulated in a so-called ‚Zap‘.


Zapier connects web services to each other according to the ‚If This, Than That‚ principle (IFTTT). Zapier ensures that an event (Trigger) with one web service results in an automatic reaction (Action) with the other web service.

How does this work?

In the case of invoices in Recras, it works as follows:

  • There is a new final invoice in Recras.
  • This forms the ‚Trigger‘ for the Zap in Zapier.
  • The ‚Action‘ then creates an invoice in Moneybird.
  • In the Zap you can determine in which categories the invoice should end up.

Important to be aware of:

  • You can only register on one category per VAT rate in Moneybird. If you want to know at any time how much of your turnover is in certain products or product groups, you can easily retrieve it from the Recras statistics.
  • All invoices are collected under one contact, named „Recras Invoices“, in Moneybird. The Zap cannot create new contacts.

What do I need for this?

  • A Zapier-account – You need a Zapier for Work account.
  • A Recras-account.
  • A Moneybird-account.

How do I install my Zap?