Tour trough overviews and statistics

Tour overviews and statistics

With Recras you have a great tool to have quick acces to all needed overviews. Recras has many overviews and statistics available.


In a company with bookings and staff it is extremely important that everyone can have all relevant information withing reach.

  • The sales department wants to see availability for every request during a phone call directly.
  • The purchasing department/restaurant wants to see with one mouse click what needs to be purchased for the upcoming week and if there are any diet wishes or other requests.
  • The person responsible to pay the salaries wants to see with one mouse click all the worked hour per person.

Our motto is that all information that is in Recras needs to be available for the users. Here are some screenshots from overview pages.

The year overview of bookings, this could come in use for possible bookings that are further in the future.

The timetable, for most users the guide during the day.

Booked products overview: For companies with different departments this is extremely useful since this gives great overview over a certain period. Every department can filter what is important for them. 

Reminders overviews

Also you want a clear overview of everyone of everyone that has to receive a reminder and the amount of outstanding invoices. For this we have perfected the homepage. Please visit tout about the Recras philosophy.

Staff planning

For the staff planning Recras have created some great overviews. These overviews will help you with the staff planning:

  • Total amount of worked hours of all staff for a certain period.
  • All time registration of certain staff member.
  • An overview of all shifts that need to be planned.

Overviews for suppliers

Recras has also custom overviews especially for suppliers. For this reason you can minimize the amount of phone calls you have with suppliers.
Ook voor leveranciers heeft Recras automatisch de juiste overzichten. Om die reden kun je indien je For more information take a look at the tour trough reminders and notifications


Recras has an extensive statistics module. All important data in Recras can be exported. Here are some examples of useful graphs.

Amount of bookings this year next to earlier years in the same period.

Amount of persons that made a booking next to earlier years. 

Origin of visitors

The following data can be found in the statistics as well:

  • How many bookings did we have?
  • How many visitors did we have?
  • How many persons booked a certain package?
  • What did a customer spend on average?
  • What were the total staff costs?
  • What were the purchase costs?

Great filters

All overviews in Recras have great filers. In this way you can always get the correct information. From the results you can easily click further to the initial (like the booking / customer / staff member). Everything is like a spiderweb combining everything together.


All overviews are printable and can be exported as an Excel file. Next to that some overviews can also be exported as an iCal. In this way a shift can be automatically added to you agenda or bookings of a certain location can be added to your agenda.

Try it yourself in the demo?

You can log in to our demo environment to see for yourself how it works, for this you need the login details for our demo. You can request the login details for our demo via the tour overview page.

Want to see some graphs and overviews in Recras?

See here some examples.

Interested in our system?

Are you interested in our reservation system and would you like to know what Recras can do for you? Let us know!