WordPress is the most used content management system (CMS) for making websites and blogs. By using the Recras WordPress plugin, Recras can easily be linked to any WordPress website. The following things can be linked using the plugin:

  • Packages can be presented on a website.
  • Products can be presented on a website.
  • An availability calendar of a package can be presented on a website.
  • Online booking of a package can happen on the website.
  • A contact form from Recras can be integrated on a website. New submissions will be saved in Recras.
  • voucher template from Recras can be sold on a website.

The various parts are highlighted below.


A page in WordPress can show a package from Recras. In Recras, the package must have „May be presented on a website (via API)“ checked on the tab „Extra settings“. This way it is possible to manage package texts from within Recras. The following parts of a package can be shown on the website:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Duration
  • Minimum number of people
  • Price per person (including/excluding vat)
  • Total price (including/excluding vat)
  • Programme
  • Image

Availability calendar

An availability calendar of a certain package can be shown on the website. You can, for instance, show if an accommodation is still available.

Online booking of a package

Every package that can be booked online can be integrated on your website using an iframe or using the „new online booking“ method. It is possible to show a list of bookable packages, or to pre-select a single package.

Contact form

You can create contact forms in Recras. Using the plugin these can be integrated in your website. When a form is submitted by a website visitor the details appear in Recras automatically.


You can show a Recras product on a page. In Recras, the product must have „May be presented on a website (via API)“ checked on the tab „Presentation“. You can show texts, prices, and an image all from Recras. Here is the list of all possible parts that can be shown:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Extended description
  • Duration
  • Image
  • Minimum quantity
  • Price including vat

Voucher sales

Vouchers can be sold from Recras. These can be created as voucher template. If the template can be sold online, it can be integrated on your website.

Example website

We have made an example website in which the Recras demo is integrated. It is in Dutch, but shows the capabilities of the plugin very well.

Want to use the Recras WordPress plugin?

If you want to integrate Recras into your website, we refer you to the page WordPress plugin installation and linking to Recras.