Manual for connecting you receipt printer to a Recras POS

It is possible to setup a receipt printer to a Recras POS. You need the right type of receipt printer and go through some steps.

Type of printer

Recras works properly with receipt printers that are working like a ‘regular’ printer from your computer or tablet. Can you print PDF files on your receipt printer? Then you can be quite certain that it works. For development we use the EPSON TM-T20I. This one can be connected via USB or on the network. It is also possible to connect a cash drawer to the printer, for this you will need to set the following printer settings:

  • Paper Reduction | Bottom margin.
  • Paper Source | Document [Feed, Cut].
  • Cash Drawer | Open before printing.

Connecting the receipt printer with Recras

  1. Make sure that the printer works from the device that you want to use as a POS and that you are able to print a PDF.
  2. Make sure to check the settings of the printer so it automatically cuts the receipt and blank space below is not being printed.
  3. Create a PDF template in Recras for your receipt (“Settings -> PDF templates -> New”). You can use our template with (“Insert -> Templates -> Receipt”).
  4. Set this PDF as a POS PDF. This can be added in (“Settings -> Edit company data -> Company name -> Financial -> PDF template for receipts“).
  5. Start your browser with the option to print without a confirmation. In Chrome this is called Kiosk printing. Please make sure that Chrome is fully shut down before you start this. When turning on kiosk printing a preview receipt will be printed directly as well.
  6. On a Mac you can start Chrome with the next command : open -a “Google Chrome” –args –kiosk-print|
  7. In Windows you can edit the settings by clicking on the Chrome icon once and then press Alt + Enter or use the right mouse click and then Properties. There you can add the text –kiosk-printing:
  8. If the receipt printer does not work after these steps, please contact your IT adviser.