Website integration

Integration Recras with a website

Recras can be integrated with your own website in a number of ways. This page explains this in more detail. This information is suited to both Recras members and website builders.

The following things from Recras can be integrated with a website:

  • Book processes
  • Online booking of a package (and payment through Mollie)
  • Contact forms
  • Sale of vouchers
  • Availability of a package
  • Presentation of packages
  • Presentation of products
  • Presentation of vouchers

Various ways and levels of integration are possible.

How can Recras be integrated?

There are different ways to integrate these parts with your website. These ways are explained in short below by giving an example. The order reflects the popularity of each method with our users.

  1. WordPress plugin
  2. iframe
  3. Link to a Recras page
  4. Tailor-made integration
Integrate what? WordPress plugin iframe/link Tailor-made integration
Book processes (online booking flow)
Booking a package
Contact forms
Voucher sales
Availability of a package
Presentation of a package
Presentation of a product
Presentation of vouchers

1. The WordPress plugin

WordPress is the most used content management system (CMS) for websites. Using our own WordPress plugin you can easily link Recras to your website. Integrated parts can be shown in the layout and style of your own website.

Example integration using the WordPress plugin

2. Using the integration library

We have developed an integration library that website builders can use to build upon. This library is also used by the WordPress plugin.

3. iframe

You can also choose to place an iframe on your website. Using this you can show contact forms, voucher sales, and online bookings. You can use your corporate identity if you like.

4. A link to an external Recras page

By placing a link to an external page, you can add links to contact forms and online bookable packages. You can find the link for this on the edit page of a contact form or package.

5. Custom API integration

Are you not satisfied with the fixed flow for online bookings? With the help of a capable website builder you can create a custom integration. This allows you to deviate from the usual flow (select package, choose quantities, select date, select time, payment).

It is important to know beforehand how you want things to work. It would be wise to get a clear picture of this before you talk to a website builder.

It is essential your website builder knows about APIs and knows how to program. Using our API you can perfectly integrate all parts in your website.

Example integration using the API

Who can help me with this integration?

By using the manuals, examples, and tips on this page recreation entrepreneurs that have experience with WordPress can successfully integrate Recras using our WordPress plugin. There are more ways to integrate parts of Recras into your website. If you would rather have this done by a third party, or if you want to use a different type of integration, or you need technical help when designing booking propositions? The following (Dutch) parties can help you. Through the years we have come in contact with various companies and we have excellent experiences with the following companies:

WordPress integration

API integration

Designing PDF templates (CSS)