Reservations system for attraction parks and zoos

Recras, the booking system for attraction parks and zoos

Let your attraction park and zoo tickets and other activities be bookable easy and simple with Recras.

How does booking a ticket to an attraction park or zoo work with Recras?

Your tickets can be booked easy and fast online and your guests can also be served at the reception or POS. Group packages and school trips are bookable online but a customized quotation is no problem either with Recras.

Why you would prefer to work with Recras when managing an attraction park or zoo.

There are a few things that are crucial for you as recreation entrepreneur. You want to serve your guests online by integrating the sales of tickets and packages on your website. You also want everything to be up to date at the POS or reception. When someone wants a quotation, this can be arranged from the POS instantly. Recras takes these and other tasks away from you and your guests. By automating the time-consuming parts of your workflow, you and your guests can spend more time in the fun parts of your park.

Recras is integrated in your website so everyone anywhere can always book your tickets and packages and pay online instantly.

The smartly designed booking system will guide your customer through a few easy steps in the menu. When you customer logs in they will always see the latest information because the booking system is always up to date. It is also no longer needed to use a separate calendar or agenda, pick up the phone or answer emails. As of then most parts will be automated

An all in one solution for the recreational branche

Customers will be reminded automatically about reservations they made. You don’t need to do anything on that behalf and your customers will get extra excited when receiving the email. Recras has an integrated POS. With the POS all activities, food, and drinks can be added to the current booking and invoice. In this way everything is always complete and you prevent cash difference. The reservation system can also automatically add attachments like directions or your terms and conditions.

A day in the life of a Recras user

You have an attraction park and there is a busy upcoming weekend planned. On Wednesday you receive an email. There is a local sports club that wants to come over next Saturday with 80 children and 10 supervisors. Obviously this is very last minute booking but you can see directly in the planning that this is possible. With one mouse click the complete quotation is sent. The booking is confirmed on the same day and even before you had time to think about what things need to be arranged for that Saturday, Recras is already reminding you about the fact that staff planning needs to be updated and staff will receive an email asking them to accept the shifts. The group has a wonderful day on that sunny Saturday. The invoice in generated by Recras and in case the invoice is not paid on time a reminder will be sent. Nine months after the booking the sports club will receive a nice mail to remind them about their wonderful day and after that they decide to make this their annual outing. You only have to be involved in the nice things that made you decide to start this business.